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Sofia - Veliko Tarnovo

Dramatically set amidst an amphitheatre of forested hills divided by the meandering Yantra River, Veliko Tarnovo is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria. The first traces of human presence here date from the 3-rd Millennium BC. During the Middle Ages, Veliko Tarnovo served as a capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom when it became the most important political, economic and religious centre of the region. Moreover, based on its pre-eminent cultural influence in the Balkans and the Slavic Orthodox world, during that time, the Medieval Bulgarian capital was the third most important city in Europe after Rome and Constantinople. Today, Veliko Tarnovo still tells many stories of its heyday. Here we find some of Bulgaria’s oldest churches - a real treasure for those interested in religion and history. People from all corners of the world come here to visit the magnificent Tsarevets Fortress, walk down the colourful crafts market and enjoy the variety of bar and restaurants.

Whether you decide to discover the old capital yourself or join our walking tour, we’ll make sure your time is worth every minute.