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Sofia - Plovdiv

Plovdiv has always been one of Bulgaria’s wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities. One of the oldest in Europe (dating back to the 5-th century BC), originally a Thracian settlement, for most of its history, Plovdiv was known in the West by the name of Philipopolis (it reached its apogee during the reign of Philip II of Macedonia). Later on it became a major Roman city around the First Century BC when it was called Trimontium (City of three hills). Nowadays people call Plovdiv “The City of art” because of its generations of eminent artists who work within the city’s tranquil confines. As you enter the old town you will find yourself in a labyrinth of cobbled streets, art galleries and bohemian cafés. Here the remains of the past are scattered all over the old town, making it a fascinating cultural melting pot. An ancient fortress, underground stadium, old churches and the best preserved Roman amphitheatre on the Balkans – all that amongst the finest examples of traditional 19-th century architecture. Plovdiv is also famous for its vivid art scene and a number of international festivals that take place here every year.

Some come to Plovdiv to buy art; others to have a cup of coffee or simply to escape the crowd. Join us and we’ll take you on a journey through time.