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Sofia - Melnik

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, declared a historical and cultural reserve and museum-town. Located in south-western Bulgaria, in the south-western Pirin Mountains, about 440 m above sea level, the town is an architectural reserve and 96 of its buildings are cultural monuments. Melnik is also traditionally known as a centre of wine production in Bulgaria. Our day trip combines sightseeing with wine-tasting. Visit Kordopoulova House with impressive architecture and unique wine cellars carved out of rock. Up to 300 tons of wine have been preserved in the cellars, forming a tunnel of a great length in the basement of the house. A glass of wine is included in the visit to Kordopoulova House. 

According to archaeological evidence, the first to settle in the area were the Thracian tribe Medi, to which the famous rebel Spartacus belonged. Centuries later, the presence of the Romans left the town one of its landmarks - the Ancient Roman Bridge, which is still preserved today. The Slavs, who later came to these parts, named the settlement Melnik after the sand formations surrounding it on all sides. After The Ottoman's conquest, Melnik was once again a thriving city famous with tobacco and wine production. At that time, Melnik was also a centre of craftsmanship, church decoration and woodcarving.