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Sofia - Koprivshtitsa

Cobblestone streets and bridges that arch gently over a lovely brook, overgrown lanes and colourful backyards. Hidden in the picturesque slopes of Sredna gora, this small architectural-ethnographic museum town is like an open history book.

Koprivshtisa still retains the original atmosphere of National Revival - a time of courage and heroism that ended with the Liberation of Bulgaria. Legend has it that during the Ottoman rule the Ottoman sultan, charmed by the beauty of a local girl, gave her the whole village and granted it special administrative privileges. It was named Women’s meadow and later became one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in Bulgaria. Today there are nearly 400 buildings of architectural and historical significance protected by government decree; some of them restored churches and house-museums containing fascinating collections of décor and implements from the past.

Koprivshtisa is a romantic getaway and the perfect daytrip from Sofia. It is one place to visit if you truly desire peace and quiet.