Shumen is located at the base of a low spur of the Stara Planina ranges, about halfway between the Black Sea coast and the Danube River. During the Second Bulgarian kingdom Shumen was a centre of cultural and religious activity. Until the 15th century, the city was located near the Shumen Fortress – a sophisticated medieval complex of defensive installations; religious and civil buildings. In 1444 the Ottomans destroyed the earlier settlement and moved it to its present location.

The monolithic mosque in the center of the city harks from that time. Built in 1745 this is by far the most impressive mosque in Bulgaria and one of the biggest in the Balkans. Shumen is quiet, friendly, has a choice of affordable accommodation making it a perfect base for journeys to Madara Horsman and the Sveshtari Thracian tomb.


Hotel Shumen is the biggest in the district. It offers a nice view towards the Shumen plateau with its restored castle and the “Creators of the Bulgarian state” monument. The hotel has indoor swimming pool, sauna, and wireless internet. There are 51 standard rooms, both in single and double occupancy. The luxury rooms have been completely renovated with an emphasis on style and functionality. The hotel’s Traditional tavern serves excellent Bulgarian dishes. There is also a huge 270 seats restaurant and Restaurant panorama focusing on Italian cuisine, wines and desserts.