Ruse is the most significant Bulgarian river port, serving an important part of the international trade of the country. It is a lively town with a rich and varied history, beautiful grand square enlivened by cafés and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture.

Quick history: In the vicinity, Roman emperor Vespasian built Sexaginta Prista, or the Port of the Sixty Ships, one of a series of military strongholds throughout Bulgaria. Later Justinian reinforced the city, but that ultimately proved insufficient since it was eventually destroyed by barbarians. The lead role then passed to Cherven, further south. Ruse remained sidelined, until the 14th century when the Ottomans re-obliterated it. After the Liberation it was considered to be the most beautiful town in Bulgaria. 

Ruse is good base for visiting the amazing Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo or The medieval town of Cherven. Visitors can also take a boat up the Danube River or continue on to Romania.

Grand Hotel Riga    

Hotel Riga is the largest complex in Ruse, situated on the bank of the Danube River and 400 meters from the city central square. Its strategic location makes it a comfortable place to stay during business trips and tourism in Bucharest and Ruse.

Riga Hotel has 139 rooms and 9 suites in different categories (DELUXE, STANDARD and STANDARD PLUS), which reveal a unique panoramic view of the city and river. The hotel has 74 double and 27 single standard rooms, modern spa center, 5 conference rooms. Custumers enjoy a panoramic restaurant, tavern, main restaurant, Vienna café, summer Lounge bar,  garden-restaurant, lobby bar.  


Cosmopolitan Hotel & Wellness    

Located in the central part of the city, Cosmopolitan Hotel & Wellness is a four star hotel complex which combines the best traditions in hotel business with the most up-to-date innovations. The clients could find a "true" home at the hotel’s 5 Single Standards rooms, 10 Single Delux rooms, 33 Single Exclusive/ Double and 3 Twin rooms. The restaurant of the complex perfectly complements the whole atmosphere of Cosmopolitan Hotel & Wellness by offering not only excellent food and drinks but also exquisite interior. In addition, the hotel’s three Conference halls are perfect for hosting any kind of business meetings and events. SPA & Wellness Centre is one of the most remarkable parts of the complex. As the hotel offers you the peace and comfort so important for your fulfilling stay, in the Wellness Centre you can reach full harmony and give yourself to a remarkable experience.