Located in the outskirts of the Sredna Gora mountain range, Hisarya boasts of a very mild climate and over two dozen different mineral springs, which make it a favorite spa for many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The Romans were the first to discover the healing powers of Hisarya’s hot springs and built a settlement there named Diokletianopolis, after the Emperor Diocletian. It soon became one of the three most important towns in the province. Many Roman ruins are still visible everywhere - public buildings, a small amphitheatre, the barracks of the Roman garrison, the foundations of a couple of the oldest churches in Bulgaria, as well as the best preserved Roman fortress in Bulgaria.

Hissarya is the place to escape the crowd, pamper yourself and take a true rest from the toils of travelling. SITA will advise you on specific medical treatments; recommend when to go and how to make the most of your stay.

Spa Hotel Hisar    

SPA Hotel Hissar is situated in a beautiful parks in the town of Hissar 160 km from and 40 km away from Plovdiv. The hotel disposes 166 rooms situated in standard and deluxe part. The Spa centre is equipped with the most contemporary modules for relaxation, entertainment, prophylaxis and treatment. All devices use the healing power of the Hissar mineral water, and the procedures are conducted under the cares of high qualified medical staff. Besides classic massages, the Spa centre offers to the guests a huge variety of massages and body treatments. Wellness center has Roman bath, Turkish bath - hamam, ice room, Kneipp walk, infrared sauna, heated swimming pool, adventure showers, cold showers, heated benches, relaxing zone. The hotel has outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Hotel Hisar has Panorama restaurant, The Prestige restaurant, Bar “Bistro”, Wet bar, night club and a cafe bar


Augusta Spa Hotel    

Augusta Spa Hotel is one of the bigest Spa centers in Bulgaria. It has 195 rooms including 50 singles, 113 doubles, 18 inter-connected rooms, 5 family rooms, 5 two-bedroom suites and 4 one-bedroom suites.The hotel has 400-seat restaurant and 120-seat garden restaurant overlooking the outdoor swimming pool.

The Spa centre is among the best equipped balneology centres in the country catering for over 300 people every 24 hours with more than 100 treatements.  The SPA centre provides prophylaxis and treatment of chronic disorders of the excretory, gastrointestinal, hepatic and biliary systems, arthrorheumatic disorders, metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout, and obesity), gynaecological and neurological disorders, respiratory tract problems, vascular and dermatological disorders. All services are performed by a highly qualified team of doctors and rehabilitation therapists specialized in physiotherapy, resort studies and rehabilitation therapy.